Commercial Lending

At Oakmont Commercial, we understand the challenges that business owners and mortgage brokers face when seeking commercial lending solutions. As your financing partner, we specialize in providing commercial real estate loans to those who may not qualify with traditional banks. Our passion is helping business owners succeed in securing financing for their own spaces.

We believe in the resiliency and work ethic of small business owners throughout America. Our team members take the time to listen to your stories, fully understand your needs, and close your loans with speed.

an oakmont commercial broker working with a business owner for commercial lending

As a business owner, we understand the obstacles you may face obtaining the right commercial real estate loan when you don’t fit the application standards for traditional financing. The heart of Oakmont Commercial is to put commercial lending solutions into the hands of main street America. At Oakmont Commercial, we take the time to understand your business and provide customized lending solutions to meet your needs.

Our mission goes beyond providing capital – it’s about giving small business owners the tools they need to open their medical practice, expand their auto shop, launch a boutique, or take their daycare company to the next level.

The lending options we offer are designed to be attainable for business owners with big ideas. At Oakmont Commercial, we invest in dreams to help you succeed and grow your business.

If you are a commercial mortgage broker who doesn’t have time for endless paperwork and delays, our goal at Oakmont Commercial is to make your job easier. We know the demanding pace of your job and provide a fast turnaround so you can swiftly match your clients with the financing they need.

Together, we can serve your customers with creative solutions to purchase or refinance their business property. Our industry expertise allows us to evaluate opportunities that other lenders may overlook, and our versatile lending criteria gives us more flexibility to finance complex situations.

Looking for investment lending options to help grow your real estate portfolio? We specialize in investment lending solutions that allow investors to capitalize on commercial real estate opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced investor or starting out, we can help. We know the specific commercial real estate loan requirements investors seek when adding to their property portfolios, from faster closings to higher leverage. Our team has partnered with many commercial real estate investors and is ready to craft the right lending option for your next purchase.

Discover our latest commercial real estate loans for owner-occupied and investment lending properties.

Loan Amount: $471,250
Loan Purpose: Day care
Property Type: Purchase
Location: Schnecksville, PA
Loan Amount: $540,000
Loan Purpose: Light Industrial
Property Type: Rate and Term Refinance
Location: Sante Fe, NM
Loan Amount: $633,750
Loan Purpose: Restaurant Acquisition
Property Type: Purchase
Location: Clarksville, IN
Loan Amount: $143,000
Loan Purpose: Free Standing Retail Shop
Property Type: Purchase
Location: Springfield, MA
Loan Amount: $275,000
Loan Purpose: Restaurant
Property Type: Rate/term refinance
Location: Jasper, GA
Loan Amount: $960,000
Loan Purpose: Mixed Use
Property Type: Rate and Term Refinance
Location: Thornwood, NY
a light industrial building purchased with commercial real estate financing from oakmont commercial

At Oakmont Commercial your success is at the forefront of everything we do. Getting to know the ins and outs of your business allows us to match you with the commercial real estate financing that fits your situation. We guide you through the process to ensure you feel confident in your choices, building a relationship focused on your growth and success. We ensure every lending scenario provides the following:

  • A Customer-First Approach Focused on Understanding Your Goals
  • Specialists in Financing for Unique and Complex Situations
  • Nationwide Lending Solutions

Our specialists will help you on your journey to securing the best solution for your commercial real estate financing needs

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